My Contribution To Black History Month

Today, while getting on the bus, I stepped to the side and let an older white lady get on before me. She was hobbling and I still needed to find my money to pay my fare. As she gets on, she says --
White Lady:How are you today?
Bus Driver:I'm well. How are you Ms. M---?
White Lady:I'm doing just fine. You know, I'd like to point out how nice you are. You're just so well-meaning and I've never been afraid around you. Some other people though, I wouldn't say that.
Bus Driver:Okay Ms. M---. I appreciate that. *looks at me* How are you today?
Me:Oh, I'm fine. I just need to find my fare. Can you give me a moment?
Bus Driver:Sure.
White Lady:See, that's what I was talking about [name redacted]. You aren't like some of your kind. You're responsible; I bet you'd have your fare ready. You're also kind and know respect. She almost knocked me over getting on the bus.
Bus Driver:Now I'm sure she didn't. I seen her step to the side and let you get on first.
White Lady:Are you calling me a liar boy?
Bus Driver:Excu---
Me:No. He isn't. But I am so let me tell you something. You ought to be glad that I am respectful and that I have some decency about myself. I seen you limping. I see you limp every day. I say nothing. I let you on first as a sign of respect because it's what I'd expect others to do for my grandmother. But this? These comments you make about people who look like, no. The comments you make about people who DON'T look like you are inappropriate, disrespectful, and are reminiscent of an era where YOUR people turned water hoses on children who looked like me because they could. Stop it. I'm telling you to stop it with as much respect as I can muster in this moment because I made a promise to be a little more Corette Scott-King and a little less "Gun Carrying" Harriet Tubman...two women I'm sure you know nothing about...for the next 23 days. So just hush up. And don't talk to any other Black person who gets on this bus. We can hear your racism and we feel that behind your words every day. You seem like a nice lady, you do. But nice doesn't exempt you from being racist or being held accountable for your blatant disrespect. So stop it. Be quiet we're tired of hearing your voice and your tone suggesting you want us to wash your dishes and clean your house instead of sit next to you on the bus. (to bus driver) Sorry if I disturbed you or came across as disrespectful, but Ms. M--- needs to shut up some days and today is one of those days.
Bus Driver:Yeah. You don't even have to worry about paying today.
02/03/12 at 8:51pm
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